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Our Medal Winners (2017)


UT 18th Annual Day Function

Solo Dance by UT Student

Group Dance by UT Students

Solo Dance by UT Student

Solo Dance by UT Student

Song by UT Student

Song by UT Student

Song by UT Student

Song by UT Student

Instrumental music on Flute by UT Staff

Musical Performance by UT Students

Instrumental music on Keyboard by UT Student

Instrumental music on Keyboard by UT Student


UT has played the role of catalyst in my success. The Test Series created an exam like environment which helped me to appear for the exams with a clear mind.

Kumaresh R (X CBSE 2014) 1st in India

UT teachers were excellent. They helped me in boosting my self-confidence in achieving my goal. The strict corrections in the tests helped me to improve in the boards.

Jasdeep S (X ICSE 2014)

UT was like my second school. Constant practice, amazing faculty and regular doubt solving sessions helped me a lot in scoring well in the board exams.

A Swathi ( XII CBSE Com. 2015)

UT tests were a boon for me because they were difficult and so were the corrections that made me thorough with my concepts and gave me regular revision

Fatima M (X ICSE 2015)

UT-CL program helped me in understanding my strengths and weaknesses. The faculty was very cooperative and helpful. Every lecture at UT has been a memorable experience.

Krupa J (XII Sci 2015)

The regular classroom programs at UT-CL helped us learn slowly and clearly step by step. We had lot of fun studying and discussing the boring topics with the faculty.

Rucha D (XII CBSE Sci. 2015)

I wrote almost 70 tests at UT which covered all the questions of the syllabus. Board exam became easy. The questions in board exams matched with UT questions (especially Maths)

Atharav N (X CBSE 2015)

The tests at UT were as per the board pattern and the questions were challenging. It helped to build confidence and reduce exam fear. Thus during boards I was not stressed.

Tanay P (X CBSE 2015)

Being in sports team I always missed most of my classes in school due to which I was fully dependent on UT for my studies where the topics were thoroughly taught.

Priyal G ( X CBSE 2015)

Vacation program helped in finishing the portion on time and gave sufficient time for revision. It helped develop self confidence an essential ingredient of success.

Akshay G (X CBSE 2009)

It becomes difficult managing between boards and competitive exams. UT tests helped me in improving my writing skills and rectifying my mistakes to do well in the board exams.

Arkid B (XII State 2015)

As I had to travel a lot I could never get involved with my sons studies due to time constraints, so I gave him the best mentors and facilitators to help him by enrolling at UT.

Parent of Rahul (X CBSE 2015)

The prestigious institute UT has a devotion towards quality and there is immense dedication by teachers. The regular tests helped me to correct my errors.

Shweta M (X CBSE 2010)

Vacation classes helped me a lot as it made me study the whole portion twice and master it for the Board exams. Test series was like a simulation for the Boards

S.S Kausik (X CBSE 2009)

Tests conducted at UT were always in accordance with the latest pattern/ type of questions asked as per the new CCE pattern of CBSE. UTs tests helped in time management

Shruti S. Thota (X CBSE 2011)

One of UTs English teacher once guided me on how board toppers write their answer sheet. Today, I feel proud to be not only a topper in English but also an overall Mumbai topper

Sudipto Mitra (X CBSE 2011)

UT always preached about BACKWARD READING which was not practiced in schools. Such a method has been very effective during the last-minute revisions

Madhavi Srinivasan (X CBSE 2010)

UT Test Series helped me identify my weak areas and made me familiar with the board paper pattern. The correction was strict and kept me on my toes.

Mridula Subramanyam (X CBSE 2017) AIR 1

UT has enabled me to recognise my potential. Test Series program has helped me to complete my lessions within the stipulated time.

Anisha V (X CBSE 2017) AIR 2

Complete revision on every topic in every subject help in gaining confidence.

Garima Joshi (X ICSE 2017)