Batch Strength?
Less than 40 students per batch.

Attendance Tracking?
Automated and updated to parents regularly through SMS / Email.

Fee Structure?
Competitive rates with attractive discounts.

Study Material?

Comprehensive study material exclusive prepared by UT academic experts.

Coaching Methods?
Conventional classroom with multimedia (as required)

Syllabus completion?
As per respective board and school requirement.

Teaching Methodology?
Same set of teachers across all centers (maintains uniformity)

Testing Pattern?
Class test (partial portion) and full portion tests semester wise/ term end.

Can I attend some lectures in one branch and some in other?

No, the program vary from branch to branch.

How do I manage both school and UT(CBSE)?

We at UT (universal Tutorials) understand and appreciate students priorities at school. Keeping the same in mind, we have designed the program in such a way that we complete the term I portion by the end of July and term II portion by the end of January with partial portion testing in all the subjects. In the month of August and February we conduct 2 full portion or summative tests in all subjects which gives them lot of practice of writing the tests.

How do I manage both school and UT (ICSE & STATE Boards)?
We at UT (Universal Tutorials) consider ourselves as an ' Academic Reinforcement Agency ' to school. Schools are the basic education provider. Having said this you will appreciate the basic philosophy of our program. ' Read before going to Class '.

We at UT understand and appreciate student's priorities at school. Keeping the same in mind, we have designed the program in such a way that in the earlier months from March to June, we complete nearly 70% of the portion. In these months the school load is relatively less heavy.

As the school load begins to get heavy, from July / August onwards our engagement starts tapering down from 3 days to 2 days a week to only
1 day a week  (on Sunday) from September onwards. Thus the student has ample time to manage the school load.

Which books do I need to buy or study from for the UT program?
You meed only the NCERT text books and our UT volumes for the entire UT programs. We do not recommend any additional reference books. UT volumes are exhaustive.

What study materials should I carry to UT for the classes?
You are required to make individual registers for individual professors. Both CW and HW are to be done in the same register for that professor. You are required to carry UT volume, NCERT textbooks and professor wise registers as per daily time table.

Can I change my batch / branch at UT?

Ideally no, but if it is unavoidable you are recommended to meet our students counselor. He will take a decision on a case to case basis ensuring that minimum loss is incurred due to different portion s being taught at different branches / batches.

How are the tests planned for CBSE / ICSE board?
In order to help students prepare for their exams throught their academic sessions, we at UT have planned various types of tests. These tests are as follows.

Class Tests: These are chapter wise tests. These class tests are offered to test series students. These tests are spread throughout the year (Annual / Semester). Flexibility is availability is available to appear for class tests based on the portion completed in the schools.

Full tests / Summative Assessment:
These are full portion tests conducted annually / semester wise as per the respective board pattern.

How will I come to know about the test time table and the portion for the tests?
Refer to the branch notice board and / or refer to the UT website for the Test Time Table.

Where are the tests held and where do I sit during the tests?
Before every test, a test classroom arrangement is displayed on every respective branch notice board. Refer to the same for this in formation.

Who will correct my test papers at UT?
All test answer papers are corrected at UT central premises at Vashi by the same teachers teaching you. We at UT do not have a separate team of tutors correcting the papers, This ensures better quality of paper correction.

When are the corrected papers given back?

All test papers at UT are corrected within 7-10 working days.

How do I come to know the right answer of the questions asked in the tests at UT?
We at UT provide printed model answer papers for each test held at UT immediately.

I have misplaced my copy of the question paper / model answer of a test. Can I get a duplicate copy?

There are 2 ways of getting the same.
1) Either collect the same from your respective branch coordinator, or
2) Download a copy of the same from the UT website.