Does Universal also provide professional guidance for choosing higher programs?

Yes, UT conducts a career counselling seminar in the third week of March every year. An Aptitude Test is held before the seminar which helps the student to determine which field of study is best suited for them.

What are the courses offered by UT for Entrance preparation?

There are various courses offered by UT to prepare students for entrance exam like JEE Main, Adv., BIT-SAT, MHCET, SAT, etc.

What is UT-CLArc?

UT-CL Arc is a join collabration in which synergies of two leading institutes, UT (leader in board preparation) and CLArc (leader in entrance exam), are utilized for preparing students for the boards as well as the Entrance exams like JEE Main, Adv., etc.

How does UT prepare the students to face the challenges of the Entrance Exams?

Since, the entrance exams are on the basis of XI and XII syllabus UT faculty helps the students for their board level preparation supported with partial portion tests and full board pattern tests.
On the basis of the board syllabus the students are then prepared for higher level as per the respective entrance exam requirement by the UT  & CL faculty.
These are also supported with a series of mock tests for various entrance exams.

What is the procedures for admission?

The student has to appear for an aptitude test at any of our branches at Vashi, Nerul or Kharghar. Student can appear for the test on any Sunday with prior appointment.