What is Test Series program?

Test series is a program in which series of tests are conducted in all the subjects to familiarize the student with the subject and testing pattern of respective boards in advance to what he/she will be tested in school.


How will the syllabus be tested in the Test series program?

The entire syllabus of respective boards will be tested in two ways:

Class Tests: These are partial portion tests in all the subjects.

Term wise / Periodic Tests and Full Board Pattern Tests: These are full portion tests as per the respective board pattern.

The tests are supported with model answers provided after every test.


How will I know the portion for the tests?

The portion for the tests is mentioned in the Class Test Topic Distribution (Refer Chart 3) with the topics mentioned with their respective test code. The test schedule is also available on the UT website which can be viewed using the student user ID and password.


How do I follow the schedule for the tests?

Please go through the recommended Test Series Schedule (Refer Chart 2). You will find that specific day/s have been fixed as testing days in which slots have been provided per week. Each slot consists of a particular subject test code. Based on the test code mentioned, you will appear for that particular subject test.


What will be the frequency of writing the tests?

The frequency of writing the tests will depend on the program you are enrolled with us, at UT (Refer Chart 2).


What do I need to carry for the test?

You are required to carry pencil box (pen, pencil, eraser, scale), geometry box, test chart 1 and UT ID card. Please note you will not be allowed to write the test if you are not carrying your ID card.


What if the recommended test portion scheduled on a particular day does not match with my school portion?

In such cases, we provide flexibility in appearing for another test (different test code of the same subject) as per your school requirement. If you are unable to attempt any of the tests in that particular subject, then you can write the test at a later date (inform your branch coordinator). This is applicable only for the class tests.

How can we avail the flexibility?

We have provided you with a Recommended Test Series Schedule (Refer Chart 2) in which we have identified slots, week wise. The tests in all the subjects have been planned accordingly i.e. every test has a specific subject code with predefined portion for each test (Refer Chart 3). A student has the flexibility to either follow the recommended schedule or opt for the tests he/she is prepared with, for that subject mentioned in the slot that day.


Is the flexibility option available for full test also?

A. No. In case of full tests ‘Late Attempt’ facility is available. If the student is not able to write the test on the scheduled date then he / she can appear for the test at a later date (inform your branch coordinator). However, in the late attempt facility 10% marks are deducted.


Do I have the flexibility in slots, for writing the tests?

Yes, you can either write one test of 30 minutes duration or 2 tests of 60 minute duration (For test duration refer chart 3) but do not change the subject.


What if I miss the test/s on the given scheduled date/s?

You can write the missed test/s on a later date (during the week) at UT branch. You need to inform your respective branch coordinator in advance for the same.


Can I write the pending tests at home? Will my papers be evaluated?

No, you have to write all the tests at your respective UT branch.

No, the answer papers will not be corrected if attempted at home.

Note: Only if enroll for home option, you can avail these facility.


How will I keep a track of my test attendance?

Individualized Student Test Attendance Chart will be maintained by UT to keep a track of the test attendance record of every student for all the tests attended. Each student will also be provided with their ‘Student Summarized Test Progress Chart’ (Refer Chart C1) to keep a record of the tests appeared by them.


When will the corrected answer papers be returned?

The answer papers will be corrected and returned within 7 to 10 working days.


Will UT provide study material for the tests?

Yes, UT will provide you with the volumes for all the subjects enrolled.


How will I track my tests and other reports?

You can access your test schedule and test reports from the following modes:

a) Website: Log on to www.universaltutorials.com using User ID & Password.

b) Notice Board: UT branch notice board.

c) Mobile App (Android): Download from Google Play Store.


What if I have doubts in any subject?

For any subject related doubts you can clear them during the Doubt Solving sessions. The Doubt Solving session schedules will be informed to you in advance.

Note: Doubt solving is not available for students who have opted for Udaan (Home Tests) program.


What is the usefulness of the Test series?

As we all know that the board exams are exams of the known. The questions asked in the boards are mostly from within the text books. UT Test Series are designed such that all the possible questions are spread in the tests.

Students get an opportunity to answer the questions.

Model answers provide stepwise marking distribution and guidelines to answer the questions.

Opportunity to get evaluated and identify weak areas.


Whom should I contact regarding any test clarification / doubts?

Our Test Coordinator Mrs. Meena Tota (Vashi Branch Coordinator) will be available to help clear all your doubts / query related to the tests. She will be available as follows:

Monday to Friday

Vashi 11.00 am to 7.00 pm

You can also send email to meena@universaltutorials.com or contact her at Vashi: 7718898822.

You can also speak to your respective branch coordinator.


For more queries you can directly contact our Director Anubhav Sinhal 9987019031 or email: anubhav@universaltutorials.com


Note: The tests conducted at UT provide a platform to prepare well in advance of what will be tested in the school. To utilize these tests in a more effective way you should:

Appear sincerely for all tests.

Study thoroughly and write the test.

Correct your mistakes by studying the model answer.

Rewrite and practice the test paper again at home for improving.