Why join us ?

Universal Tutorials

UT – Highly recognized coaching institute with more than 17 years of experience in CBSE coaching for board exams

UT understand the CBSE board pattern way better than any other institute in Navi Mumbai 

CBSE students are found struggling with MHT-CET exams as the syllabus for this exam is from STATE board. UT very well understand the gap between CBSE and state board syllabus and capable to guide students accordingly to achieve excellence in MHT-CET.


Champions - One of the best in entrance exam coaching from last 20 years having centers all over India.

How does this combination help students ?

Learning for board exam and entrance exam  is like trying to achieve different targets due to following reasons.
1. Board exams are subjective whereas entrance exams are objective 

2. Board exam consist of memory based question  (80%) and thinking based questions  (20%) whereas entrance exam consist of  90% thinking based questions
3. To score good marks in board exams student needs good writing and explanation skills whereas to score in entrance exam student needs  to develop aptitude and quick thinking ability for all kinds of problems or questions.

4. Depth of syllabus also vary from board exam to different entrance exams.

5. Therefore, coaching for board exams can not same as that for entrance exam
6. This is where the combination of 2 best coaching institutes [UT (for Board) & Champion (for Entrance)] help students to achieve targets at both the levels.

7. No other institute in market has resources to help students equally at both the levels like UT-Champion.