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What are Study Abroad options?

Students can go abroad for higher education after XII and after graduation. UT provide training & complete support to send the student at Universities across the globe.


What are the entrance exams to go abroad after XII?

For USA admissions SAT is the main entrance exam along with TOEFL. For other countries IELTS is an entrance exam.


What is the support provided by UT in preparing for an entrance exam?

UT provides end to end support from entrance exam preparation, University counseling, application & Visa.





What is SAT?

Scholastic Aptitude Test. It aims at testing basic analytical & reasoning skills for university admissions in USA after XII grade.

Pen & paper exam.

Multiple choice Questions.

No negative marking.


Why SAT?

This exam emphasizes more on testing analytical skills rather than rote learning.


What is SAT syllabus?

English: Reading - Command of Evidence, Words in context

Writing & Language - Expression of Ideas, Standard English convention

Math: (a) Algebra + Advance Maths (b) Problem solving & data analysis

Essay: Analysis of an Author’s view with evidence from the passage/table given.


How are SAT scores analyzed?

Score scale: 400 - 1600 points.

Total Questions 154 Qs | 180 min.

(Reading - 52 Qs | 65 min, Writing - 44 Qs | 35 min, Math - 58 Qs | 80 min)

Optional Essay: Extra 1Q | 50 min.


What can be the Minimum Score & Maximum score?

Minimum : 400

Maximum : 1600


Time taken to get the scores after the test?

2-4 weeks after the test date.


Number of attempts allowed in SAT?

SAT allows writing test on multiple dates spread throughout the year.

In the month of Oct, Dec, March, May.

What is the right time for the SAT attempt in Indian academic scenario?

As per Indian academic calendar, the best months are May & Dec for writing SAT.


How early should I start preparing for this exam?

IX is good time to start. Writing PSAT 8/9 helps to get a pre-experience of SAT.


Why to start so early?

It becomes easier to monitor a student’s progress over a period.

Enough time to work on weak areas to get a perfect score in SAT.


What is the number of foreign students appearing for this exam annually?

Number of foreign students appearing have doubled in the last 8 years. More than 300,000 international students appear for this test.

Indians are followed by the Chinese among the highest.


How Indians fare in this exam? Do we have any advantage over others?

Indians do well as compared to any other non English speaking students. SAT tests your English language understanding & Basic Maths aptitude.

The advantage of being in an academic system which emphasis on learning English & Maths gives an edge over others.


How will the student be able to pursue his soft skills along with studies?

By opting Electives offered in these universities along with academics.


Do universities take into account only the SAT score for admissions?

NO, this is the best part. All the skills & extra-curricular achievements play the role of Enhancers. It gives you extra credit points.


What are these Enhancers?

Apart from the SAT score, the Universities look for additional talent in the student that enhances his final score.

School academic scores are very important to establish consistency in your performance.

Any extra-curricular activity certificate that is recognized nationally or internationally enhances your credibility.

Recommendation from School & Professional Associations, if any, help in resume building.


How will UT help to achieve the Enhancers?

UT will provide school subjects coaching to help achieve good grades in secondary school exams.

UT will provide a community service program integrated with the enrolled program to build up the resume.

Assistance in writing LOR, SOP, Essays.


Do you have enough resources to train for SAT?

UT is already a leader in the school academic coaching since 1998.

We have a pool of experienced faculty to deliver the best.

Centers spread across Navi Mumbai at accessible locations.


How will we prepare for it along with other academic courses?

UT Aspire offers Weekday & weekend program options to suit & compliment your needs.


How is UT different from others in the market?

Complete one stop solution to all your needs.

(i) PSAT 8/9, PSAT 10, PSAT, SAT programs.

(ii) SAT-School integrated programs.

(iii) SAT subject expertise as we are already training students for the same.

(iv) Personalized University application Counseling.

(v) Visa assistance.

(vi) IELTS / TOEFL training.

(vii) Providing finance & education loans information.

(viii) Resume building by incorporating Community services in the SAT program.


What is UT’s unique approach of ‘5 Es around a C’?

This approach helps the student to:-

(i) EXPLORE his interest & career options,

(ii) EXPERIENCE the SAT training program,

(iii) EVALUATE his performance,

(iv) EVOLVE through his resume building by overcoming his weaknesses,

(v) EMPOWER himself with the university call letter.

All this will be achieved through total COMMITMENT from the teachers, students & parents.


UT’s Programs?

SAT Aspire + UT School

Violet (IX) +  IX

Indigo (X) +  X

Blue (XI) +  XI

Green (SAT subject) +  XII


How do you get enrolled for UT Aspire program?

You need to clear a pre–admission test to get enrolled.

This will help to determine the students present understanding of the subjects.


How much UT Aspire cost?

Please refer to our fee chart.


Which branches offers this course?

This course will be offered at Kharghar, Sanpada, Nerul and Vashi.


What is SAT subject?

SAT subject gives the student a window to show his interest in a particular subject he wants to pursue further.


When does the student appear for SAT subject?

You give this test after clearing SAT.


Suggest a path for the student to fulfill his/her aspirations?

PSAT 8/9 -  PSAT 10 -  SAT - SAT subject - University application - Visa & loan assistance - Fly out to your dream university - fulfill your aspiration with the deserved career.


How is SAT different from ACT?

SAT is more popular than ACT.

SAT is based on critical reasoning as compared to ACT which is Knowledge based.

SAT has three testing components while ACT has an additional fourth component of testing Science.


Influence of western culture on the child?

BEST peer group of the world will always have the best influence in your child’s life & his future endeavors.


Whom to contact for more information on SAT?

Please feel free to contact Ms. Ananya Dolai (Navi Mumbai Coordinator for Study Abroad Programs) on 8617249640 / 7718898820 or mail at