When would someone need counseling?

Life is full of opportunities and challenges. Challenges makes life more interesting, but they also may make life more stressful. today life styles have become hectic, and you face high pressure and expectations both from yourself and from others around. Peer pressure and competition define the line between success and failure. Some typical situations that may be stressful when talking to someone is confidential, warm and accepting environment could help. When you are at cross roads in your personal or school life, confusion becomes a constant presence in life, leading to and lack of charity and renders decision making difficult.

You may face interpersonal issues at school or at home. You may want to improve your performance in the school and be able to manage conflicts better at home and have a fulfilling relationship with your parents.

Children face many challenges in studies at class, class as well as home.
Adolescence can be a taxing and frustrating time for youngsters as well as the parents.

You might be looking at opportunities to enhance skills, overcome barriers, identify and maximize potential for a journey towards greater success in life.

Whatever your life situation is, your commitment and motivation to effect a change is a key requirement for you to move towards you chosen goals. The counseling process facilities this inner growth or transformation as a needed, in a safe and warm environment.

How can Counseling help?

When the going is tough, you need someone to talk to, someone who you can trust, who you can share your deepest fears and troubles, who really understands. You need someone, who doesn't judge you, is not critical of you,accepts you as who your resources and strengths. This person is your counselor. Your counselor maintain strict confidentially, has an unbiased view point and is genuinely interested in your priority, goals and well being.

Is seeking counseling a sign of weakness?

Seeking counseling is not a sign of weakness.It takes courage to address problem areas and examine fears. Entering counseling is taking the first step in resolving difficulties.

I am good at studies. Do I need counseling?

Yes, counseling process will help you in bringing your best out of you, which may help you for improving your marks in exams.

Will the counselor solve my problems?

The counselor does not give advice or tell you what to do or give solutions to your problems, but enables you to equip yourself to address them. You may gain new skills, may get a new understanding, look at the issue differently. Th councelor facilitates this process where you are able to address your situations effectively.

How will I achieve my goals?

Yours progress towards your goals has a significant dependence on your motivation and commitment towards the same. There may be work assigned to you by the counselor during the time between the sessions. The new skills acquired to you by the counselor during the time between the sessions. The new skills acquired in the sessions may need to be practices regularly.

How long will the counseling process take?

The duration of the counesling process will depend on the pace that you are comfortable with and that you want to set for yourself in your work towards your goals. Your counselor will periodically discuss with you to get your feedback and in corporate changes as appropriate.

How to reach the councelor?

The counselor is available at UT (Universal Tutorials) Vashi office on weekdays from 11.00 am and 5.00 pm (Mon to Fri) by prior appointment only.

To secure your appointment with the counselor call 022 67912166 or email at dwaraka@universaltutorials.com