How does UT prepares students for IIT/NEET?

UT has collaborated with the Champion’s Academy for prepare the students for IIT/NEET entrance.
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What are UT-Champion’s Program?

UT Champion provides XI + XII Integrated and Non-integrated programs for IIT/NEET aspirants which covers JEE Mains & advanced, NEET, MHTCET, Olympiads.


Do you teach vocational subjects?

Yes, We do teach Electronics/ Computer Science & English.


How does integrated program work?

The students enrolled in integrated programs does not have to attend the regular classes in the school/college. This saves a lot of time and students remains focused on their competitive examination studies. UT-Champions runs both CBSE & State Board integrated batches.


What will be total teaching hours of program?

Program will include lectures of more than 1200 hours distributed structurally throughout 2 years.


Will I get a study material?

The students are provided with study material. Which is developed by our dedicated faculty team which caters the needs of all competitive and board examinations for which you must have joined champions IIT Academy.

The study material includes:-

a.     Lecture Notes

b.    Detailed explanation of the theory on each topic

c.      Illustrations in the form of solved problems

d.    Chapter-wise assignment know as Abhyaas

e.     Categorised problems on each topic for various competitive examinations

f.       Gradation of problems according to difficulty level

g.     Past year problems of IIT-JEE ADVANCED & JEE MAIN/AIIMS/AIPMT

h.    Special modules for Board Examinations preparation


What is role of “Abhyaas” in academic progress?

On the basis of every lecture, students are given concept learning problems which they have to attempot before beginning of next lecture. This is home work to solve before attending next lecture. This regular abhyaas system gives a student very strong command over fundamental conceptual knowledge.


What is Focus Batch?

Students who are aiming for a top 200 rank along with a medal in International/National Olympiads are suggested to join focus batch. These students are expected to finish the syllabus in one year and the practice advance level problems. The number of hours are more for this course and the admission is done through an internal examination (Focus Batch Selection Test)


Do you prepare for Boards to in the course?

Yeas, We conduct board focused (CBSE & State) test series as a part of course to prepare the students for subjective exams


What are the web resources available with you to help me in my preparations?

Through our IIT Edu-Portal

We provide

a.   Video lecture liabrary

b.  Reference material & books

c.   Online tests for practicing the computerized testing pattern

d.  Answers of all the questions, Abhyaas exercises & assessment tests.

(Note : All above edu-portal facilities are additional & not included in fees)


What will be program options and schedule?

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